Non nobis solum, sed omnibus. Not for ourselves alone, but for everyone.

We're helping you with your decisions. Write down a question and get advice from your friends.

How it works

  • Write down a question
  • Add choices you have
  • If you want, add arguments that support each choice and their weight
  • See what you should do based on the weighted result
  • Share it with your friends and get their advice
  • Make the decision

Write down a decision you want to make, alongside with the choices you have and arguments for each choice. Share it with your friends, who know you the best and are capable of advising you. The friends then can comment and vote on each choice. If you want, you can make the question public and get advice from other people.

What Dilectee means

At Dilectee, we believe that community is greater than the sum of all its individuals. The most honourable thing a person can achieve is to contribute to the greater good of humanity. By helping people in your country, in your community or your inner circle, you are pushing our civilization forward.

We believe in people.

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